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Background Music & Messaging Systems

NewBlueMedia we understand the importance of music to all businesses. We also understand the operational costs and considerations. This is why we provide a tailored system to suit the budgets of our clients and help them provide the right atmosphere in keeping within their brand image.

With over 20 years experience in the radio and music industries and our partnership with one of the leading radio station software companies in the Ireland who’s bespoke software has been keeping radio stations throughout Ireland, the UK and around the world since 1978 enables us provide bespoke background music and messaging systems to shops, shopping centres, restaurants, pubs and clubs. All the music tailored to the client's specific requirements. In-store presentation is key to the success of any retail environment. Design, lighting and music all play an important role in enhancing your store atmosphere, reinforcing your band image and ultimately ensuring that your customer has positive experience.

Our system doesn't just play music. We have included an integrated messaging system within our software that allows you to advertise promotions, events and shop activities. The messaging system has a main function and that is to be used to relay safety information, opening times, event information directly to your customers. Our system also provides the facility to sell external advertising on the system thus generating an additional revenue stream for your business.

The music system can be branded and included radio style jingles reinforcing your brand image. Our system is like having your own radio station without the DJ. The system is updated with music, playlists and promotions via broadband daily/weekly. No waiting for update cd's at the end of the month and no fuss as we do all the work for you. The systems are maintained remotely and we have a 24/48 hour turnaround on all message/advert production. We also only use voice artists local to your area.

We supply systems to

Retail Outlets
Shopping Centres
Councils for In-Town Seasonal Music

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